Art Activates Youth in Social Inclusion – KA151 Youth Exchange

A remarkable journey began on June 24th, 2023, as spirited Serbian youths joined their counterparts from Greece, Italy, Spain, Romania, Cyprus, and Hungary in the idyllic town of Selianitika, Greece. This event, the Youth Exchange, was not only an exploration of diverse cultures, but also a unique opportunity for personal growth and enrichment.

The initial activities, steered by Spanish and Cypriot representatives, created a conducive atmosphere for interaction and connection. As part of the Serbian delegation, we embraced the chance to share our fears, expectations, and potential contributions to this week-long adventure.

Our voyage through time started with a fascinating visit to the Archaeological Museum of Patra. This cultural exploration allowed us to marvel at Greece’s ancient history, broadening our understanding of the nation’s heritage and shared global history.

We also had the chance to venture into the charming city of Nafpaktos. There, we engaged with the local culture and history, further strengthening our bonds with the other participants and the host country.

A particular session centered around EU values, such as respect for human dignity, human rights, freedom, democracy, and equality, held profound significance for all of us. These shared values painted a vivid picture of the union we all belong to, serving as a reminder of the ideals that bind us together.

During a role-play activity, we were encouraged to empathize with the experiences of disadvantaged individuals facing discrimination. This unique approach fostered a deep understanding of social issues, stimulating thoughtful discussions among us.

An enlightening interaction with the Mayor of Aigialeias added another dimension to our journey. We gained insights into his role, his dedication to public service, and the initiatives undertaken for community development.

The intercultural Hungarian-Turkish Night introduced us to the vibrant traditions of these nations. Through games, presentations, and shared food and drinks, we experienced the diversity and richness of their cultures, further promoting mutual respect and understanding among us.

Another significant workshop explored the role of art in social inclusion. We reflected on how various art forms could effectively combat marginalization, leading to dynamic discussions and creative expressions.

The week concluded on a high note with a performance of Homer’s Odyssey at Loggos Aigio. This theatrical masterpiece, prepared and enacted by the participants, served as a testament to the creativity, unity, and cultural synergy nurtured during the exchange.

As we, the Serbian participants, reflect on this enriching experience, we realize how it has broadened our perspectives, deepened our understanding of global cultures, and reinforced our commitment to fostering inclusivity. This extraordinary Youth Exchange will indeed inspire our actions in the days to come.