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Art Activates Youth in Social Inclusion – KA151 Youth Exchange

A remarkable journey began on June 24th, 2023, as spirited Serbian youths joined their counterparts from Greece, Italy, Spain, Romania, Cyprus, and Hungary in the idyllic town of Selianitika, Greece. This event, the Youth Exchange, was not only an exploration of diverse cultures, but also a unique opportunity for personal…

Bridges of solidarity

We are proud to share that Empower organization was part of the Erasmus + project “Bridges of Solidarity”. Youth exchange took place in Patras, and Serbian team had a chance to spend nine days, from 8 to 17th of July in sunny Grece with 30 participants from Spain, Italy, Romania,…

Youthification 2018 – Call for participants

Youthification of group facilitation 2018 ABOUTPROGRAMMETEAMCRITERIACOSTSABOUTWhat is this Training Course about? The training course “YOUTHIFICATION of Group Facilitation 2018” organized by Subkult, is the third edition of the set of training courses for youth workers. Subkult identified that the work with young people is mostly done in groups. Youth workers have…